About Us

We at A&T Services Inc. provide quality, refurbished computers and laptops at affordable rates. We have been serving the Indian IT industry for a long time, and our clients have always been content with our services. They have also referred our Hardware solutions and prompt support services to others. Timely Support and Expert Technical services are always the focused areas for us because we strive to provide the best customer experience.

The refurbished computers and laptops that we provide are the best ones out there; perfect for advanced businesses and available at incredibly low prices.

Services :

● 24x7 computer and laptop renting
We offer laptops and computers for rent, round-the-clock to all kinds of businesses and individuals.

● 24x7 remote technical support for all computer faults
If any kind of fault occurs in your computers or laptops, we have a skilled team of technicians who are available to help you all the time. Feel free to contact us any time.

● Computer maintenance service through AMC
We also offer an Annual Maintenance Contract to ensure regular maintenance and smooth functioning of your business at all times. You will be able to focus on your business/work while we take care of the hardware repair.

● International standard imported PCs and Laptops at 1/3rd the price of a new one with warranty
The refurbished laptops and personal computers that we provide are of an international quality with the added advantage of 1/3rd the price of an entirely new system. Moreover, you will also receive a proper warranty for the equipment that you buy.

Skills and Expertise :

We have one the most skilled teams that specializes in the following areas:

● IT infrastructure
● Network management
● Server & Network security
● Computer renting
● Other equipment renting
● Importing systems
● Selling imported laptops and desktops to retail & online market
● Door-step service delivery for any emergency IT breakdown

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